climbing the SEO ladder

You’ve seen #StandUpShots. What you HAVEN’T seen are #StandUpShotsWithFleetFoxesLyricsInsteadOfJokes!


I performed my dumb┬ájokes at the first ever Stand Up NY Comedy Festival. Didn’t make it past the first round, but I did make it to their Snapchat, which is BETTER THAN NOTHING.

Yes, I am wearing a Child’s Large Adidas jacket.


“The Corgnificent Seven,” ‘cuz I can reboot movies too!

Brothers in Paris

I went to Paris! With other people. Other people like my brother Ed. If this work of travel videography doesn’t win a Webby, I wouldn’t be surprised. Just hoping Jay-Z and Kanye don’t send their killers at me.



Forget Chuck Taylors! I’m all about the Converse Chuck Mangiones!


This joke took extensive research & development.

tweet of the year

Congratulations, I’ve memed myself