Adventures of an Italian Plumber

My good personal friend, Luigi, decided to move out of Brooklyn, so he’s been living with me in Manhattan. He got really excited about the blog, and he wanted to write a post. What was I going to do? He asked really politely.

Hey! It’s-a-me Luigi! I’ve been staying at a-my buddy’s apartment since December. You know, I a-wanted to try something new. Get a feel for life in the big-a city!

So the other night I was a-hangin’ out at one of my favorite spots. I don’t know where it is exactly, but hey, that’s-a New York City. [Ed. That’s not how New York City is, most of us know where we are. The city’s set up on a grid, it’s not that hard to walk around.]

One thing I thought was a-weird though, was that-a my friends were acting a little strange. Check out a few pics I a-took from that night.

Someone must’ve slipped something in-a my drink, ‘cuz Yoshi looked a-freaky! [Ed. We never had any drinks. We were at a Barnes & Noble.]

He's usually a-much easier to mount.
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The monster I created.

Due to my search for higher learning (and a place to find work writing comedy), I’ve left Miami and wound up in Manhattan. I’m officially matriculating at Fordham University, College at Lincoln Center. Which means that I will actually have work to do for the next four years! Which also means that I have to start waking up early in the morning for reasons other than just lounging around. I try to give myself about an hour every morning so that I can eat breakfast and enjoy the view of the Upper West Side. Which brings me to the subject at hand: my new battle with morning coffee. I normally don’t drink coffee, but I figured that college is a good time to develop a caffeine addiction (featuring frequent bathroom trips). And what’s an addiction without crappy drugs? I have no time to make a fresh pot every morning. Nope, I use the instant stuff: Chock Full o’Nuts instant coffee. Continue reading “The monster I created.”