@nerdwich: soldier of the Hashtag Wars

@Midnight got renewed for another season. And while it was here, I got to write so many shitty jokes in the Hashtag Wars. So I’m gonna put them here.

Nov 15 – #BoringVideoGames

  • Street Writer
  • FIFA 1938
  • Super Smashmouth Brawl
  • Forza Motor Scooters
  • Kate Mara Damacy
  • Cooking Obama
  • Docile Birds
  • Need for Creed
  • Grand Theft Otto von Bismarck
  • Postal Service Simulator
  • Tony Hawk’s Pro Caterer
  • Duck Punt
  • Professional Surgeon 3
  • Metal Gear Repair
  • Mario Political Party
  • Pokémon Stadium Tours
  • Words with Acquaintances
  • Grand Theft Tonight Show: Los Angeles
  • Where in the World is San Diego?
  • Walk-A-Thon 2K14
  • San Andreas Police Department
  • Legend of Zelda Fitzgerald
  • Luigi’s Studio Apartment
  • Guitar Center Hero

Nov 14 – #OlderMusicians

credit: atmidnightcc.tumblr.com

A week ago, one of my tweets made the Top 10 for @Midnight‘s #RejectedCandy hashtag wars! Hooray! @Midnight even followed me on Twitter (although maybe out of pity).