Just four 25 year-old dudes killing it right now


Miami, my second home.

climbing the SEO ladder

You’ve seen #StandUpShots. What you HAVEN’T seen are #StandUpShotsWithFleetFoxesLyricsInsteadOfJokes!


I performed my dumb jokes at the first ever Stand Up NY Comedy Festival. Didn’t make it past the first round, but I did make it to their Snapchat, which is BETTER THAN NOTHING.

Yes, I am wearing a Child’s Large Adidas jacket.


I’ve been doing stand-up ~5 years and my only onstage picture in recorded history is of me in shorts at an open mic.

That time of the year again.

I’m not a musically talented guy. But if I were, my version would have a hook like, ♫ I don’t have a jooooooooob♫.

Here we go?

It’s my 21st birthday. kermitthefrogYAAAY.gif

The video is made by Yotam Perel. His videos are really funny. Go watch them.