You’ve seen #StandUpShots. Now get ready for #StandUpShotsWithRecipesForHamburgerGravyInsteadOfJokes!

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You’ve seen #StandUpShots. What you HAVEN’T seen are #StandUpShotsWithFleetFoxesLyricsInsteadOfJokes!


I performed my dumb jokes at the first ever Stand Up NY Comedy Festival. Didn’t make it past the first round, but I did make it to their Snapchat, which is BETTER THAN NOTHING.

Yes, I am wearing a Child’s Large Adidas jacket.


good comedy vibes

GondelMan of the Year

Looks, it’s me telling jokes to strangers.

So far, this is my favorite sketch from this season of Key & Peele. Such an amazingly written piece of comedy. It heightens, heightens, heightens, runs around the attic, then JUMPS OUT THE WINDOW AND SPREADS ITS WINGS ‘CUZ YOU CAN’T CONTAIN IT!

I am invincible, and so can you.

As a person who performs stand-up comedy*, I’m always self-conscious about my stage presence. I figure that I just need to get up on stage as often as possible. But apparently, you can just train stage fright and embarrassment out of you. You know– provided you’re an unbelievably talent performer first. Fuckin’ Colbert… being amazing…

*I’m not calling myself a stand-up comedian without feeling like the biggest asshole.

Funny People #5: George Carlin

It’s been a really long time, and I wasn’t planning on posting anything today. But today would’ve George Carlin’s 74th birthday, of course, if he had the courtesy to stay alive this long. So I had no choice.

If you’re a comedy fan, you don’t need an introduction to George Carlin. He’s one of comedy’s holy trinity: Bruce, Carlin, and Pryor. Jon Stewart couldn’t put it any better,
“There are two things that comedians of all stripes have in common basically: (1) the belief that someone who’s not as funny as they are is doing better than they are, and (2) a sincere love and respect for George Carlin and his work.”
The man was an absolute genius; he elevated the art form. But my words can’t do him justice, so I’ll let George do the talking.

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Funny People #4: Brian Regan

It’s not hard for a comic to work blue — to let the faucet loose on his or her mouth and let the profanity run like a verbal golden shower. (Eww. Descriptive language)

But it takes a lot for a comic to work clean. Brian Regan not only works clean, he works squeaky f*&kin’ clean. And he can make anyone laugh. The breadth of his material is astounding; he can take a premise and work it until all that’s left is a hollow carcass of comedy gold. He’s a comedian for all ages. Greg Giraldo (RIP) even said that he watched Regan with his kids.

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Funny People #3: Ricky Gervais

All of Hollywood is at a standstill. Dozens of celebrities and executives are mourning the loss of their dignity and self-importance after Sir Ricky Gervais dropped a comedy bomb at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. How great was that!?

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