The monster I created.

Due to my search for higher learning (and a place to find work writing comedy), I’ve left Miami and wound up in Manhattan. I’m officially matriculating at Fordham University, College at Lincoln Center. Which means that I will actually have work to do for the next four years! Which also means that I have to start waking up early in the morning for reasons other than just lounging around. I try to give myself about an hour every morning so that I can eat breakfast and enjoy the view of the Upper West Side. Which brings me to the subject at hand: my new battle with morning coffee. I normally don’t drink coffee, but I figured that college is a good time to develop a caffeine addiction (featuring frequent bathroom trips). And what’s an addiction without crappy drugs? I have no time to make a fresh pot every morning. Nope, I use the instant stuff: Chock Full o’Nuts instant coffee. Continue reading “The monster I created.”