My Bucket List

It’s taken a really long time, but I think I’ve finally managed to finish my bucket list. I’m only 19-and-three-quarters, but this is all I want. From now on, I’m gonna try to follow this list and live my life without any regrets. I hope this list can be an inspiration for you.

1.The Rubbermaid #2963-TP BISQ 11QT (A classic starter bucket.)
2. The Way Clean 33066
3. The Hydrofarm HG5G 5-Gallon (Hydrofoam’s an innovative material, you know!)
4. The Nest & Stack
5. A set of Minimetalleimer (You can’t beat German Bauhaus-style design.)
6. The Rubbermaid 14Qt Bisque 2989-00
7. The popular Småsandoch-vatten (The best Scandinavian design after IKEA.)
8. The 3.5 Gallon Black (w/ lid.)
9. A Dover Parkersburg 4Qt 4GP
10. The Oggi Galaxy Stainless Steel Satin (They had me at Steel Satin!)
11. The US Acrylic Round Double Layer
12. The Caphalon 8323-6 (Barware Edition)
13. A Casabella Graphite 4-G
14. A set of Hortense B. Hewitt Wedding Favor Holders (For when I retire to do pro bono wedding planning.)
15. The Elegance Hammered 6-Inch (with Tongs, of course)
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