Henry Rollins is awesome. Water is wet.

Introduction: Henry Rollins is fucking rad. He’s an amazing performer and storyteller. He’s one of the most fascinating people I’ve ever listened to. And for a guy who looks like he can be turbo-douche, he’s the least douchiest person around. The diametrical opposite of a turbo-douche.

There’s a lot of Henry’s stuff floating around online. A LOT. A ton of footage; each video at least 6 minutes; not enough time in a day. I remember discovering Henry in ¡SATIRISTAS!, a book I can’t recommend enough. I read his entry early Sunday afternoon, then realized at 8pm that I spent a good chunk the day just watching him talk. He has that kind of effect on you.

Here he is in conversation with Pharrell Williams. If you only have an hour to spare, these two videos are Henry Rollins in a wonderful ultra-condensed package.


Peter Fox – Alles Neu

Now, I’m no linguist, but I think rapping in German is pretty difficult. It’s got a great tone for rap, though. Just imagine if Ice Cube and Dr. Dre were part of a group called “Niggaz mit Haltungen.”

But on to the video, which is bizarre and awesome at the same time — it’s bizawesome.

I found this gem on Cracked.com, in an article called, “4 Music Videos on Youtube That Will Make You a Better Person.” I admit, most of the things on Cracked won’t do you any good, by I endorse this article, which uses the tried and true “Just-post-a-bunch-of-good-stuff-other-people-made” formula for internet success.

An Evening with They Might Be Giants

Five nights ago, I had the pleasure of seeing They Might Be Giants in concert.
[translate: HOLY BALLS!!! I saw TMBG on Saturday! *head explodes*]

I couldn’t ask for better circumstances: last night of the tour in their home city; at Terminal 5, a great concert hall only four blocks away from my apartment. TMBG is one of my favorite bands ever. Their music is indescribable, which is part of what makes them so great.

The show was just unbelievable. How unbelievable? Continue reading “An Evening with They Might Be Giants”