Miami, my second home.


I’m Black Panther, y’all! And I’m back (panther), y’all!

Brothers in Paris

I went to Paris! With other people. Other people like my brother Ed. If this work of travel videography doesn’t win a Webby, I wouldn’t be surprised. Just hoping Jay-Z and Kanye don’t send their killers at me.



Where’s Juando (in the South Ward)?


CLUE: My scarf says “NEW YORK


I went to my tenth eleventh Metro game at Red Bull Arena. We won. I stood in the South Ward. Fun times.

This is what they’re probably watching:

Neil Cicierega – MOUTH SILENCE

Some brilliant mashing-up at work here. I especially like “Best” (#5 – 8:12)

Tony Hawk’s Pro Rocker

Looks, it’s me telling jokes to strangers.

How Many People Can’t Walk Without Their Smartphone?

– from Manoush Zomorodi (New Tech City)
Also, there’s me – looking like benchwarmer for the Census Bureau.