Turning Japanese or Becoming Really Bored

It says “Productively Unproductively” in Japanese, get it? I’m in my third semester of college Japanese. I figured I should put it to bad use. I had to write in the phonetic katakana script (it reads “Purodakuchiburi Anpurodakuchibu“) because “生産的に非生産的な” isn’t as design-friendly.

Google doodles Freddie Mercury (SFW… seriously)

Google doodles rarely disappoint, and this one’s no exception. In honor of Freddie Mercury’s birthday, the Googlers(?!) made this absolutely brilliant video.

I would gladly push an old lady down twelve flights of stairs for this throne.
Seriously — bears with moustaches riding bicycles!

A very silly math problem.

I’ve never been fan of Math. I respect its perfection, but it’s still a huge pain in the ass. From time to time, though, math has given me some amusement. That imaginary number i was a real hoot!

So I’m working on homework from my math course, which is currently focusing on logic problems, and I stumble upon this set of exercises stipulating:

Let b represent the statement “I’m getting better” and d represent the statement “My parrot is dead.” Translate each symbolic statements into words.

Not one, but two Monty Python references. The math community has some pretty cool nerds out there

For those who didn’t know, “I’m getting better” comes from Monty Python and The Holy Grail.

And “My parrot is dead” pays homage to the wonderfully silly Dead Parrot Sketch

I tip my hat to the writers and editors over at Pearson Education Inc. for being complete and utter loonies.