I only ate half of one before I felt sick.

They Might Be Giants’ ‘Flood’ in 8-bit. YEEEEEEAAAAAHHHHH.

Went to an @midnight taping here in NYC. That was cool.

“Juan Takes a Picture with Chris Hardwick,” Part III.

So far, this is my favorite sketch from this season of Key & Peele. Such an amazingly written piece of comedy. It heightens, heightens, heightens, runs around the attic, then JUMPS OUT THE WINDOW AND SPREADS ITS WINGS ‘CUZ YOU CAN’T CONTAIN IT!

How To Create Responsible Social Criticism

This is great if you try to make art with a social conscience. Especially if describe yourself as “edgy.”

Halloween 2014 vs Halloween 2008

How much money was spent on that Intro to Philosophy class? Feels like this video is a lot more helpful.