“John Oliver is funny. John Oliver is smart. John Oliver is telegenic. John Oliver has a mischievous twinkle made twinklier by his Liverpudlian lilt and dimples that you could eat clotted cream out of. John Oliver has an inquisitive and agile intellect yet is still humble and disarming. John Oliver smells like kittens eating ice cream. I wish I had known all this before letting John Oliver host The Daily Show all summer. Fuck that guy.” – Jon “Jonny Stewbeef” Stewart

GQ named John Oliver as one of its Men of the Year, so that got his boss to do a writeup on him. One day, I want a boss who’ll write, “Fuck that guy” in a thing about me. Jokingly, of course. Although I’m kind of expecting someone to say it un-jokingly.

(The link, in case you wanna see John Oliver in a suit.)

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