I have a class at 10am on Tuesdays

I have a class at 10am on Tuesdays and Fridays. It’s an English class* which involves a lot of reading, so I don’t sleep much on Monday and Thursday nights. Right now, I’m writing this to avoid watching a film for class called My Architect. I recommend it if you have any appreciation for architecture, specifically the ways in which it relates to the architect (in this case Louis Kahn) on a personal level.

Tuesday nights are reserved for my class in Screenwriting, so much of the day portion revolves around stressing over my screenplay. I hate it, but I also love it. I love it more than I hate it. Aside from the stress of turning in pages of drafts, it’s a really fun class. I’m writing a comedy. Comedy’s all I know how to do. It’ll be terrible. It’ll be great.

Once this post goes up, I’m going back to watching this documentary while simultaneously psyching myself up for my breakfast. Scrambled eggs! It’ll be the bomb-diggity. Then I’ll be writing jokes for the rest of the day, so I can tell them in front of people at a 5pm open mic. Unless my itinerary changes, breakfast and stand-up comedy will be the two peaks of my day. I guess I can throw watching last night’s Community in there. So three peaks – I can live with that.

*20th Century American Essay & Memoir, or something like that. I’ve called it “Autobiography” for most of the semester.

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