I am invincible, and so can you.

As a person who performs stand-up comedy*, I’m always self-conscious about my stage presence. I figure that I just need to get up on stage as often as possible. But apparently, you can just train stage fright and embarrassment out of you. You know– provided you’re an unbelievably talent performer first. Fuckin’ Colbert… being amazing…

*I’m not calling myself a stand-up comedian without feeling like the biggest asshole.

The Country Trio, the finest felt-based hillbilly band.

(L-R) Jim, Frank, & Jerry
(L-R) Jim, Frank, & Jerry     (via Jim Henson’s Red Book)

Frank Oz was on The Colbert Report, and Stephen Colbert asked him whether there was a Frank Oz puppet. Oz denied it, but the Muppet fanboy I am yelled at the TV, “THERE WAS! THE COUNTRY TRIO!!!” Episode 105 of The Muppet Show debuted the Country Trio, consisting of puppet versions of Jim Henson (banjo), Frank Oz (bass), and Jerry Nelson (guitar). The resemblance is uncanny, right?

Frank, Jim, & Jerry
Frank, Jim, & Jerry

Three geniuses playing around with their felty doppelgängers. Coolest thing ever – at least when I saw it. (FYI: I think a lot of things are the coolest thing ever.)