Remember this?: “Who Made Huckabee?”

During the 2007-08 Writers Guild strike, guys like Conan O’Brien, Jon Stewart, and Stephen Colbert were left alone in the offices without much to do. Although they have writing credits on their respective shows, because of their overriding Executive Producer credits, they were still contractually obligated to make a show. They couldn’t join their writers on the picket line. So, with a crap ton of time on their hands, these guys decided to start a feud over who gave then Republican candidate Mike Huckabee a popularity boost. Colbert went to The Daily Show to plot with Stewart, only to have Conan interrupt to issue an ultimatum of ass-whoopings. Conan and Jon patiently waited for Colbert to finish his Report. This was the final encounter at the Late Night studio. 11:00, 11:30, 12:30 — It’s cross-network mayhem!

3:44 takes the cake for me. There’s nothing like three grown men, dancing around like morons.


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