Rush, sans three pretentious Canadians.

Who says you can’t do an a capella version of an instrumental?
This is in no way my endorsement of college a capella troupes. Under no circumstances should you ever invite me to a performance by your troop. And if you’re the kind of troupe that sings in the middle of busy hallways while people are trying to go places, I will open fire — most likely with a NERF brand weapon of some sort.

Sandro Rosell… is an idiot.

FC Barcelona had this to say about one Real Madrid player: “Cristiano Ronaldo is not the second best player in the world, he is the 12th. The first 11 are the Barcelona players…” (The Guardian)

So… the 11 best players in the world… with… amazing team chemistry… couldn’t win a league championship… or beat Chelsea at home.

I’m a Madrid fan, by the way. But I think I wouldn’t like Sandro Rosell anyway.

Peter Fox – Alles Neu

Now, I’m no linguist, but I think rapping in German is pretty difficult. It’s got a great tone for rap, though. Just imagine if Ice Cube and Dr. Dre were part of a group called “Niggaz mit Haltungen.”

But on to the video, which is bizarre and awesome at the same time — it’s bizawesome.

I found this gem on, in an article called, “4 Music Videos on Youtube That Will Make You a Better Person.” I admit, most of the things on Cracked won’t do you any good, by I endorse this article, which uses the tried and true “Just-post-a-bunch-of-good-stuff-other-people-made” formula for internet success.

I’m a lazy fuckin’ asshole.

I’m a lazy fuckin’ asshole. That’s about it. 

I’m thinking about becoming a failure. The hours seem nice, and you don’t have to do anything productive or meaningful, like reading one of my many unread books or writing material. When you’re a failure, you can just play FIFA 12 all day.