Buried in Timbers Green and Gold

This is the Timbers Army kicking off their first home game of the 2012 season. They can handle the anthem. They don’t need no stinking pop star.

I’m a New York Red Bulls fan, first and foremost. But I hope to be counted among the Timbers Army. They’re one of the finest supporters’ group I’ve ever seen, both here and abroad. The Portland Timbers sell out every single home game. Any time someone says that no one cares about soccer in the USA, I direct them to the Timbers Army. Of course, that someone might have to answer to her, or him, or him, or her, or them, or her, or him, or her, or him, or this guy, or them, or them, or everyone else. Or maybe even Portland’s mascot, Timber Joey.
This wasn’t a one time thing either. They started last season this way, too.

US Soccer is here. Don’t tread on this.

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