My Bucket List

It’s taken a really long time, but I think I’ve finally managed to finish my bucket list. I’m only 19-and-three-quarters, but this is all I want. From now on, I’m gonna try to follow this list and live my life without any regrets. I hope this list can be an inspiration for you.

1.The Rubbermaid #2963-TP BISQ 11QT (A classic starter bucket.)
2. The Way Clean 33066
3. The Hydrofarm HG5G 5-Gallon (Hydrofoam’s an innovative material, you know!)
4. The Nest & Stack
5. A set of Minimetalleimer (You can’t beat German Bauhaus-style design.)
6. The Rubbermaid 14Qt Bisque 2989-00
7. The popular Småsandoch-vatten (The best Scandinavian design after IKEA.)
8. The 3.5 Gallon Black (w/ lid.)
9. A Dover Parkersburg 4Qt 4GP
10. The Oggi Galaxy Stainless Steel Satin (They had me at Steel Satin!)
11. The US Acrylic Round Double Layer
12. The Caphalon 8323-6 (Barware Edition)
13. A Casabella Graphite 4-G
14. A set of Hortense B. Hewitt Wedding Favor Holders (For when I retire to do pro bono wedding planning.)
15. The Elegance Hammered 6-Inch (with Tongs, of course)
16. A Bormioli Rocco Moncayo Mini
17. The Norwegian 5Gall-Svart (Truly, a Cadillac of buckets)
18. The Rubbermaid FG2963TPAQUAM Neat `N Tidy
19. A Galt America Original
20. The Dover Parkersburg 610 Galvanized Model
21. The BWAY Open-Head Series
22. A BWAY Twist&Lock
23. A Bøtte Medrörstil (Once you Bøtte, you never go back.)
24. A CreativeWare Unbreakable (It’s a bucket version of Bruce Willis.)
25. A Tubtrugs 3.5-Gallon (Tubtrugs is an awesome independent bucketmaker. Their stuff’s got a lot of personality.)
26. The CelebrateExpress Series
27. A Tubtrugs 10.5-Gallon
28. The Clear Ice DG20
29. This one changes color.
30. An Oneida Insulated (A lot of companies can’t seem to get insulation right, but Oneida really cracked the code on this one.)
31. Your standard Winco 8-Quart
32. The Deluxe Mr. Ice 708-1 Regency Black
33. The OXO SteeL (“OXO Steel” in the name of my Buckethead cover band.)
34. The Galvanized HÖSTÖ set
35. The LÖDDER. (Another great one from IKEA)
36. The Breast Cancer Awareness Square Stuff Bucket (Because it’s a great cause. Not the best bucket, though.)
37. A Quickie Home-Pro EZ Glide (Great model; very porny name.)
38. The Little Giant P20FBRED
39. The Viking 15-Piece Chubbies Set. (I don’t have kids now, but wouldn’t they want buckets?)
40. The Deluxe 85oz Great Northern Popcorn 25 (‘Cuz you can eat out of them, too.)
41. A Landmann 1508.
42. The Seattle Sports Camp Model
43. The Casabella 62400. (Really unique design.)
44. An Oggi Lustre Stainless Steel
45. The MAI Enema Bucket. (Don’t judge me! It’s a fantastic bucket, okay!?)
46. The Lexony Tuscany Classic
47. The Rubbermaid 296400BISQU Roughneck
48. A Sterilite 14Qt Lapiblu Spout Pail 11221012
49. The Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Cinco Starfish (You know, for the kids.)
50. The Bucket List, starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson
51. This Bucket List bucket.

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