Look at my balls.

I get bored. And when I get bored, I do some pretty weird things.
I get productively unproductive. Ha β€” See what I did there!?!?
So I end up doing stuff like making rubber band balls.
Exhibit A:

This one has a paper core.

Exhibit B:

This one’s got an aluminum foil core. It’s smaller because the foil packs in better than paper.
Oh yeah, I’m cool.

Exhibit C:

Now this is a respectable motherfuckin’ rubber band ball. I made it the summer before I started college, with all the free time in the WORLD. I made the other two ‘cuz I realized that the big one’s to hefty to be bouncing around an apartment.

Thanks for also being bored. I’m not apologizing this time if you were looking for porn. You should’ve known by now.

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