Protect Yo ‘Net

I want to protest SOPA/PIPA in the best way I can, which is generally by being an idiot.

Introducing… Jazz Flute Panda!

And the return of Mad Reznor!

Boy, did that feel good. Now for some real-talk. I like making things. I like making things and leaving them on my desk. I like making things and putting them on the Internet. But if the powers behind SOPA/PIPA think that posting up pictures of Trent Reznor sitting on a cliff (or pictures of a jazzy panda) is a violation of the law, then they can have my humble (and lame) website blocked. And WordPress would get penalized as well for hosting my blog in the first place (and not solely because it’s lame).

This bit of legislation might as well take a sledge-hammer and smash the Internet into tiny bits. Oh yeah, now’s a good time to tell you that the Internet is actually a small black box. Don’t believe me?!

I saw it on an episode of The IT Crowd. I would tell you which episode it was on, but Wikipedia’s been blacked-out in protest. Are you mad now, nerds?! [ed: Season/Series 3, Episode 4]

Sorry about that. Got off track again… So yeah, SOPA/PIPA.
Our love for the Internet blossomed with the user-generated revolution from a few years back. And this bill will destroy the collective community that we netizens have nurtured. So if you like, lols, jazzy pandas, bacon, video mash-ups, YouTube guitar covers, catz with terrible spelling, funny GIFs, … and happiness — fuckin’ JOY AND HAPPINESS!!! Sorry, went off the rails again. If you like the aforementioned nice things, and other nice things I was too lame to mention, let your voice be heard. Sign a few petitions for the cause. Contact your elected officials. Find a jazzy animal to exploit take delight in.

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