Turning Japanese or Becoming Really Bored

It says “Productively Unproductively” in Japanese, get it? I’m in my third semester of college Japanese. I figured I should put it to bad use. I had to write in the phonetic katakana script (it reads “Purodakuchiburi Anpurodakuchibu“) because “生産的に非生産的な” isn’t as design-friendly.

Genki Sudo: WORLD ORDER 2012

There are so many amazing things about this video. I’ll just go into some specifics.
*guys in sharp suits
*DIY slow motion
*weirded-out Mexicans
*the song’s actually pretty cool

Genki Sudo, the bespectacled fellow in the video, has been making videos like this for a while. Besides music and dancing, he’s also an essayist, an occasional actor, and a retired mixed martial artist. You heard me right— not only do his videos kick ass, he actually kicks peoples’ ass(es).
“But Juan, how did he keep enough brain cells to do creative things???” I don’t know. I’m not a doctor, you panicky yet clearly-worded-question asker!