Louis CK on George Carlin

Another video today. (I need to start writing some stuff.) Apparently, the New York Public Library hosted a tribute to George Carlin without telling me. The nerve of them! Didn’t they read my own tribute?
What’s that? They probably didn’t? Yeah, I’m not surprised either.
Anyway… here’s one incredible comic honoring another incredible comic.

This almost made me cry salty comedian tears.

If you liked that, the NYPL put the entire event up for your viewing pleasure.

Google doodles Freddie Mercury (SFW… seriously)

Google doodles rarely disappoint, and this one’s no exception. In honor of Freddie Mercury’s birthday, the Googlers(?!) made this absolutely brilliant video.

I would gladly push an old lady down twelve flights of stairs for this throne.
Seriously — bears with moustaches riding bicycles!

I’m officially one of the Colbert Nation Heroe$

I normally watch new episodes of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report when they air, but I missed two weeks since I was on vacation. As it turns out, on the August 16th episode of Colbert, I was given the greatest civilian honor of my life.

I'm on-screen with one of my heroes... and the President too.

All it took was to donate $5 to a shady political action committee. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

P.S. I just noticed that this is the first time my actual name has gone up on the blog. What a way to go!