Funny People #5: George Carlin

It’s been a really long time, and I wasn’t planning on posting anything today. But today would’ve George Carlin’s 74th birthday, of course, if he had the courtesy to stay alive this long. So I had no choice.

If you’re a comedy fan, you don’t need an introduction to George Carlin. He’s one of comedy’s holy trinity: Bruce, Carlin, and Pryor. Jon Stewart couldn’t put it any better,
“There are two things that comedians of all stripes have in common basically: (1) the belief that someone who’s not as funny as they are is doing better than they are, and (2) a sincere love and respect for George Carlin and his work.”
The man was an absolute genius; he elevated the art form. But my words can’t do him justice, so I’ll let George do the talking.

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