Adventures of an Italian Plumber

My good personal friend, Luigi, decided to move out of Brooklyn, so he’s been living with me in Manhattan. He got really excited about the blog, and he wanted to write a post. What was I going to do? He asked really politely.

Hey! It’s-a-me Luigi! I’ve been staying at a-my buddy’s apartment since December. You know, I a-wanted to try something new. Get a feel for life in the big-a city!

So the other night I was a-hangin’ out at one of my favorite spots. I don’t know where it is exactly, but hey, that’s-a New York City. [Ed. That’s not how New York City is, most of us know where we are. The city’s set up on a grid, it’s not that hard to walk around.]

One thing I thought was a-weird though, was that-a my friends were acting a little strange. Check out a few pics I a-took from that night.

Someone must’ve slipped something in-a my drink, ‘cuz Yoshi looked a-freaky! [Ed. We never had any drinks. We were at a Barnes & Noble.]

He's usually a-much easier to mount.

Now I know that someone was a-messin’ with me! Whassa goin’ on here!?
Is that a-you Mario?!

Who the tagliatelle was a-this guy?! He was a-tryin’ to copy my swagga!

I'm a-freakin out man!

Man, that was some a-crazy time! Can’t wait to catch up with a-yous guys on the next installment of the Super Luigi Blog!

– Luigi

[Ed. I am not changing the name of the blog. Luigi has no idea what he’s talking about. But until he finds a steady job, I’ll let him write a post now and then.]

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