Funny People #4: Brian Regan

It’s not hard for a comic to work blue — to let the faucet loose on his or her mouth and let the profanity run like a verbal golden shower. (Eww. Descriptive language)

But it takes a lot for a comic to work clean. Brian Regan not only works clean, he works squeaky f*&kin’ clean. And he can make anyone laugh. The breadth of his material is astounding; he can take a premise and work it until all that’s left is a hollow carcass of comedy gold. He’s a comedian for all ages. Greg Giraldo (RIP) even said that he watched Regan with his kids.

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Adventures of an Italian Plumber

My good personal friend, Luigi, decided to move out of Brooklyn, so he’s been living with me in Manhattan. He got really excited about the blog, and he wanted to write a post. What was I going to do? He asked really politely.

Hey! It’s-a-me Luigi! I’ve been staying at a-my buddy’s apartment since December. You know, I a-wanted to try something new. Get a feel for life in the big-a city!

So the other night I was a-hangin’ out at one of my favorite spots. I don’t know where it is exactly, but hey, that’s-a New York City. [Ed. That’s not how New York City is, most of us know where we are. The city’s set up on a grid, it’s not that hard to walk around.]

One thing I thought was a-weird though, was that-a my friends were acting a little strange. Check out a few pics I a-took from that night.

Someone must’ve slipped something in-a my drink, ‘cuz Yoshi looked a-freaky! [Ed. We never had any drinks. We were at a Barnes & Noble.]

He's usually a-much easier to mount.

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Give this little girl a medal.

I make an effort to keep track of the news. Apparently, Egypt is almost on fire. Now, I could make a long diatribe justifying the protesters in the streets of Cairo, or maybe I could draw parallels between Egypt and Iran (or even the 13 Colonies). But I’m not going to do that. I can’t. This story’s been on every major news outlet, and every pundit, journalist, blogger, and activist has given their two-cents.

But I yield the floor, now and forever on all Middle East politics, to Juju.

Take a bow little lady, we salute you.

What Ricky Gervais thinks of his critics

Bringing sexy back... then beating sexy to death.

Haters gonna hate.

LBJ orders pants. (Seriously)

Put This On: LBJ Buys Pants from Put This On on Vimeo.

Yes, that was Lyndon Baines Johnson, the 36th President of the United States of America. That was LBJ ordering pants and talking about his “nuts” and his “bunghole.” (That’s good ol’ Southern charm for you!)

Why doesn’t FOX News bring this up? At least it’s a little bit implicating. But no, the only person who ever tarnished the dignity of the office was this guy:

Driving the lane... to national destruction.

Funny People #3: Ricky Gervais

All of Hollywood is at a standstill. Dozens of celebrities and executives are mourning the loss of their dignity and self-importance after Sir Ricky Gervais dropped a comedy bomb at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. How great was that!?

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Funny People #2: Russell Peters

Race comedy can be a little sketchy. Comics walk a very thin line between hacky and brilliant, with most of them acting like jackasses on stage. For some reason, Russell Peters avoids the awful predictability and hackery that plagues racial humor. This guy is a pro; he can kill a room without even saying a word. And no ethnicity is safe when he’s got a microphone. He hits everybody square in the jaw, and leaves them asking for more. Another great export from Canada.

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Nerdgasm Warning!

If Edgar Wright doesn’t make this movie, I will.

Funny People: Bo Burnham

It’s a new year, so I’ve decided to start up a new project. Every week, I’ll (try to) write a little bit about comedians that I like, accompanied by videos of their stuff. I’m a huge comedy nerd, so I hope this will be a lot of fun.

I first saw Bo Burnham on Comedy Central Presents one afternoon, and I couldn’t believe that he was only two years older than me. I certainly wasn’t the only one. To this day, Bo is the youngest comedian to ever have a CCP special, and he recently won the Panel Prize at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (which is kind of a big deal). Like all great comics, he kills most of the room while offending a few uptighties. He’s devilishly clever and a master of wordplay, and he puts me to shame every time I see him.
(P.S. If you’re easily offended by Bo, go f&%k yourself.)

Early stuff from Bo’s bedroom:

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