TIME names the Douche of the Year

Earlier this month, TIME magazine named Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg the 2010 Person of the Year. To close out the year in the spirit of naming the “[insert name] of the Year”, TIME has released a special edition copy today, December 31, 2010.

“We are proud to announce that we have picked TIME’s very first ‘Douche of the Year’,” said managing editor Richard Stengel, “and that douche… is YOU.”

Get an exclusive look at the cover after the jump.

Get a copy today (you turdwagon)!

Like they did in 2006, TIME made a unique choice and recognized YOU, the average person, and 2010’s Douche of the Year. However, unlike 2006, when YOU were recognized for creating a more personalized and user-driven Internet, YOU are being honored this year for being an insufferable prick.

“The idea came to us early in the afternoon,” said TIME staff writer Marty Williams, “we wanted to do something no magazine has ever done before, and we instantly decided name the opposite of the Person of the Year — the Douche of the Year. The real challenge, though, was deciding which person to name. Then it hit us… it’s YOU! The same YOU that was P.O.T.Y. back in 2006. We fuckin’ hate YOU! Sure, YOU reinvented the Internet, but now it’s just filled with penises and videos of cats. And now the Internet’s running us out of business! What the hell?!”

Bonus: Here’s a sneak peak of the issue’s back cover.

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