To take me down a peg.

I haven’t hinted at it before, but I’m quite the soccer nerd. Not that good of a player, but I know stats and scores like the best of them.

Anyway, I noticed that in 4 year’s time, I’ve become a fairly capable player. Technically sound, comfortable on the ball, confident enough to finish a play. In light of my apparent improvement, I decided to reward myself with a new pair of cleats.

Cheap and classy... just like me!

Unfortunately, I now feel inadequate from watching this video.

The future Albicelestor in the video is Benjamín Agüero, son of Atlético Madrid striker Sergio Agüero. He also happens to be football legend Diego Maradona’s grandson — talent seems to be hereditary.

So no matter how much I practice, I’ll never be better than this little boy. Did I mention that he’s turning 2 years old in February? Learn to use your other foot, little man, then you’ll one-up your grandpa.

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