Glenn Beck vs the Disney Menace

A guy by the name of Jonathan McIntosh (creator of Rebellious Pixels) put together this terrific video mashing-up Donald Duck cartoons and Glenn Beck’s radio show.
Oddly enough, Beck sounds like he’d make a great radio host in the 1950’s. His brain is certainly still living there.

This isn’t the only political remix he’s done. Be sure to check out McIntosh’s website Rebellious Pixels for some more great stuff.

Glenn Beck actually responded to he video on his radio show. But I didn’t feel like posting the straight feed, so I decided to put up another Disney mash-up featuring the audio.

Yes Glenn, The Walt Disney Company is working with the communists to take you down. Disney has a history of left-leaning sympathies. I suppose you think that Disney is also plotting to undermine our culture by building Hebrew schools everywhere.

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