Oh no! Yale kids can’t party!

“Raids on bars are not unusual these days in New Haven, where huge crowds in a cluster of downtown nightspots have lately turned rowdy. But the sweep last weekend has reverberated far beyond Elevate, a second-floor club on Crown Street, angering students and perplexing administrators in the Gothic halls on campus….
Yale deans have urged students to write up accounts of the police action, and sent mental-health counselors to the two residences, Ezra Stiles College and Morse College, that organized the event. On Thursday, a group of students plans to walk to police headquarters with their formal complaints….
The statement said police officers had been trying to “defuse the chaotic situation” in Elevate, which was 58 percent over its legal occupancy — an “egregious violation.” Four students were arrested, and one was cited for under-age drinking.”
(-The New York Times 10/8/10)

This is outrageous. Absolutely outrageous. These low-income students were just trying to have fun in their podunk little town of New Haven, Connecticut. Life dealt them a bad hand, they were just trying to make the best of their hopeless surroundings. Growing up in the tough streets of New Haven means that you’ll spend the rest of your life there. You can have big dreams of going to the big cities, but you know you’ll just be stuck in New Haven going to crappy Yale University.

Wait, what’s that? Connecticut’s actually one of our nicest states? And Yale is actually one of the best universities in the world? And these students probably aren’t very poor if they go to Yale? And these students will instantly have jobs right after college? And they have access to opportunities that the average American youth would never have?

Then why the hell are they complaining? They go to Yale!
It’s not like they were attacked by the cops.

“Ben Schenkel, a junior, said an officer in riot gear punched him in the face during the raid.”

What?! That’s despicable! How dare that police officer punch an innocent student in the face!
Let me see a picture of this poor guy.

No, that was the Kent State University shooting. That happened in 1970.
Pull up the hit-by-riot-police guy.

No… that happened somewhere in Greece a while ago. Seriously, I want to see the guy that was punched by the cop. I’m sure he’s really well-mannered and modest.

Are you kidding me? Is that really him? That’s the victim of police brutality? Was his Dave Matthews/Vampire Weekend cover band/cover band playing too loudly at the local Starbucks? He can at least try to look like a victim instead of James Franco’s body double.
I wonder what’s going through his head right now?

I actually saw this coming. The saddest part is that he’ll either be working for some big business firm or in Congress. Either way, he’ll be taking your money.

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